.Edu auto approved comment blog is one of the fastest way to get backlink and increase the chances of ranking on search engines serp because it does not need a manual approval process of comment moderation which makes it the most fastest and easiest ways to get .edu backlinks.

Google and other search engines love .edu blogs because according to them, .edu blogs are trustworthy which makes it hard for one to get a backlink from due to their qualities.

Like it’s so difficult to get .edu auto approved comment blog list, I’ve made so many research on this but was like giving up when I finally noticed that I have already compile about 30 + .edu comment blog list auto approval but one of the major steps I did not take to complete this action is knowing their spam score so in case you want to know about each of them you have to do that on your own free time because getting this list almost took a whole day out of me.

Note that on this list, they are mixed up of .edu auto approved dofollow comment blog list and .edu auto approved nofollow comment blog list which I did not classified each of them though, I believe that it’s a mixed up and will immediately boost your ranking due to the quality of the backlink giving.

How To Quickly Rank Your Blog With .Edu Auto Approved Comment Blog List Within 24 Hours

I’m well assure that the list given here are quality backlinks that will boost your ranking within 24 hours of time range depending on your blog SEO but before that let me show you how to rank your blog post keywords within 24 hours.

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There is no long discussion about this because according to expert from seo squirrly, its advice able that a blog post must have nothing less than 10 quality backlinks so in doing that, it will eventually boost your ranking and get more real organic traffics. Meanwhile, below are the list of .edu backlinks that accept comment with auto approved moderation.

1: https://marketingfarmaceutico.bsm.upf.edu/evolucion-del-plan-de-marketing-farmaceutico/

2: https://www.webwiki.com/info/add-website.html

3: http://newsservice.gordon.edu/2014/02/civil-rights-film-series-launches-at-ssu.html?showComment=1565377027961&m=1#c8216626244731783531

4: https://scout.wisc.edu/Weblog/20110608?page=16#comment-1769

5: http://blog.nus.edu.sg/pc1221sem20910/2010/02/20/rotating-wheel/comment-page-15/?unapproved=7407&moderation-hash=d311b2fbfb9c5a4f27f5946ad00c87cb#comment-7407

12: https://www.fs.illinois.edu/services/utilities-energy/distribution/images/default-source/utilities/spill-response/spillresponse-052

15: https://diva.sfsu.edu/blog/04-20-2011/diva-downtime

22: http://blogs.stlawu.edu/jbpcultureandmedia/2013/10/14/blog-entry-6-the-obama-administration-and-the-press/comment-page-2127/?unapproved=220076&moderation-hash=67ed69001f3eab41d6d4f2e4d526cf53#comment-220076

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