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Procurement And Shipping Company
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Procurement and shipping company from china to nigeria is one of the business plan In which we have to look deep into in order to avoid this internet fraud, internet scam due to their shipping rates and prices. In Nigeria, mini importation business is one of the most leading business ideas ever since 2019 and the increase of people diving into doing this business in 2020 are more than 40% people in Nigeria. Mini importation and dropshipping business alone is a very fast way to make money online in owing a small business ideas from home that’s at a starting point, you can work from home and earn income from home while you work online as a dropshipper or mini importers.

I don’t want to go deeper in telling you more about the good benefit in doing this business but owning your own or starting your own procurement and shipping company from china to nigeria is a fast approaching profitable business development because you make money and help people get their goods from China.

There are procurement and shipping companies in Nigeria that their incomes monthly are very much pretty good and their services are as well cheap and rated good customer service because of how they responds to customers rather you are ready to use their services or not but they are absolutely ready to guide you in order to get the very best quality products that you need.

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What Does procurement and shipping company from china to nigeria Do ?

procurement and shipping company from china to nigeria services is to help you source your goods from China in any of the China mini stores like 1688.com, Alibaba.com, Taobao.com as your agent then buy the product for you and immediately ship down the goods from China to Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa etc.

These companies handling this type of business are registered companies under the government because it deals with importation of goods that are required to be checked by any of the government officials like customs, NafDac etc for the safety of the people or citizens of the country.

Benefit Of Using A Procurement And Shipping Company From China To Nigeria

They are absolutely lot of benefit in using any of the good and best procurement and shipping company in Nigeria because:

• They help you source for your goods

• They help you check for cheap and quality goods

• They help you checked the quality of your goods

• They have warehouse in China in order to store your goods and prepare to shipped it for you

• They have their own shipping cargo that can carry and ship your goods to your desired location

• They helped you ship your goods from China to Nigeria, from Japan to nigeria

• They Pay for Any upfront clearance like taxes, custom clearance etc.

Like I said earlier, there are lot of benefit to gain from any of this procurement and shipping company in Nigeria which you will see on their About Us.

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Top 5 Best Procurement And Shipping Company In Nigerian

1: Tugrow1688.com: Tugrow1688.com is owned and founded by Samuel Abraham, a young vibrant citizen of Nigeria and a graduate. Tugrow1688 is one of the best on my list today because of the reputable service they offer, fully customers friendly and support but the disadvantage of this company is that:

1: They only support bank payment transfer

2: They don’t have other means of shipment aside of one shipment way.

3: Their website are loading slowly

But in analysis, tugrow1688.com has the cheapest services prices and rate and they are very good in doing business.

2: Chrisvicmall : Chrisvicmall has been for years and they have the highest customer rating which simply mean that they have make names in this business having many returning customers than any of their business competitors. Chrisvicmall also has advantage and Disadvantage but for their disadvantage, it is not much than expected because they normally updates their website always in terms of making it customer friendly but their customer help services is very slow like they may take 10 minutes to reply you and in overall, the solution may be given within 30 minutes and above.

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