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Keyword Ranking Idea

In less than 72 hours starting today, I will be introducing you a page where you would get all the easy to rank keywords with high search Volume in all blogging niche but before that, this is the main reason why this topic comes into my mind so as things could be easy to understand without sticking on your browsing devices reading and reading only one content in all different blogs.

Keywords Ranking Idea, they are many different ways and method one can rank any keywords in terms to boost their blog traffic stats, Alexa rank stats, semrush traffic stats, Ahref traffic stats and popularity but here is a easy to rank keyword tutorial which work for me and will also work for you if only you take the process written accordingly.

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I have learnt a lot of lessons and as well, I have spent a lot of money in other to fixed what went wrong but I have also learnt to follow those who take the lead on what works for them and have decided on my own free time to share same process to you.

1) Get Your Keyword Content Ready: The first step is to make sure that your keyword content is fully ready after doing some keyword research by getting the best suited short tail Keywords from the long tail keywords then get ready for the steps written below.


What Is A Short Tail Keywords And Long Tail Keywords

2) Know More About Your Keywords : Many bloggers fail some part during keyword research because they only care about the Keyword search Volume, competitors, difficulty and the CPC of the keywords but because they fail to know the missing part which is not mentioned on the list above, they are the type of bloggers who always complained that:

Keyword research process is not working because I found it hard to rank easy Keywords { This statement was said by one of the top blogger in the news niched known as Mr. Ubong Christopher, a friend of mine in the blogging world }.

It takes time before you can rank on google first page for your easy to rank keyword whenever you use any of the keyword research tools { This statement was said to me by one of my well known blogger who mostly deals about mini importation business in nigeria as his other online source of income known as Mr. Henry Ifeanyi, a student of Civil Engineering in Futo University In Nigeria }.

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Note that the two listed bloggers above are a very big gem and gurus in the blogosphere, they are not just an ordinary blogger but we were just deliberately debating about the use of keyword research tools to get a populated high rated keyword search Volume on our previously Meetup during the discussion about Seo companies and other digital marketing ideas etc.

Now, those are the two major issues and complains that am seeing and hearing everywhere too from some bloggers because they failed to know the missing part.

What Is The Missing Part : When and after doing your keyword research, do you also check the list of website that talked about the keyword that you are about writing on, do you see the list of websites that are ranking radically on that keyword you are about spending your whole time writing about? Yes, most of us do that which I believed that even if you don’t, you would claimed you do that but nevertheless, after knowing or doing the above, do you also checked the list of external links that are linking back to that website that are ranking on the keyword you picked to write on, how many social signal did they got for that content about the keywords and how good and reliable they are on their Seo? .

Finally, I caught your surprised over the air because I sensed that you are shocked about it but that is what you should know and that’s the missing part in case you don’t know.


Step By Step Guide On How To Do Keyword Research In An Easy Way

Top 5 Best Online Free Keyword Research Tools In 2019/2020 That Am Using

Wanting to know more about doing keyword research and how to know the number of external backlinks that your competitors of same keywords has, you better click the above Prefix links and read more secrete which you don’t know.

3) Include The Related Keywords On Your Content : From the keyword you choose to write about, after doing keyword research by either using the paid or free online keyword research tools, tagging the related keywords on your content is the best method to trick google and your competitors because if you don’t rank on your main targeted, picked or choosed keyword you wrote about, the tagged related keywords will be helpful and if it ranks, it will brings organic traffic and sometimes, we may call this idea as ” Off Keyword “, ” Related Keyword “.

Example Illustrated Below

If peradventure, I choosed ” Alexa Rank Boost ” as my focus keyword to write on, then i have to make the long tail keyword to be a short tail keyword in other to simply rank easily on short tail keyword so I will use ” Top 5 Best Online Alexa Rank Boost Website Safe For AdSense Earning ” as my short tail keyword to write on, I won’t focus on writing about that keyword only but instead, I will either do more keyword research on the related keywords and tagged it on my post either as a new paragraph to talk about or so.

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If maybe the below are my related keywords, then I will use them as a new heading paragraph because I believed that in all my writing about my focus short tail keyword, one or two keywords will rank.

” How To Boost Your Alexa Rank In 5 Days Using This Alexa Rank Boost Trick “.

” Top 7 Best Free Online Alexa Rank Boost Tools To Use In 2019/2020 “.

And many more, so I’d suggest that you should use same process on your blog and keep on seeing the result coming.

4) Perfect Your Contents : Sometimes, when I do come across reading some content online most especially those bloggers that talks more about latest news in Nigeria and so on, frankly speaking, I don’t spend nothing more than 10 seconds in reading a long narrated content like that because I only scrolled to the best point where the speech is interested so on my blog, I fully know that parables that goes saying ” Whatever you do to others, they will do it to you “, so for me to avoid such act from them to do me, I will make sure that I perfect my content because content is King and due to that, i have to be sure that my content has the main point all over it part. Moreover, in other to rank on short tail keywords that are easy to rank, you have to make sure that your contents beat your competitors and your content must be lengthier than your competitors owns.

5) Feed The Google Bot : After writing and published your content on your WordPress blog, with the power of Seo, do make sure that the post has been crawled and indexed on Google with the time range of 10 minutes to 15 minutes ( depending on your blog Seo and it age ) because after publishing the content, do make sure that the blog has be pinged only if your blog is either a new website of 1 week old though aside of that, do setup your blog seo and if in case you are a Seo dummies, don’t know how to do Seo for your blog, there are many blogs that talks about bloggers Seo tutorial for dummies, thousands of Seo companies that are ready to charged you costly or instead, you may hire me for your blog seo work ( There’s no big deal in hiring an Seo expert but my blog been known as Earnslab.com is a good sample to show you my good work on Seo, need to hire an Seo companies or expert? Am at your door step, kindly and quickly WhatsApp me +2348134263408 and get it done for a token or almost cheap ).

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One Hour Indexing: How To Make Google Index Your New Blog Post In Less Than 60 Seconds / Minutes

6) Get The Share And Visibility : Social signal is one the best ways to get things done easily because the help of social signal has been a great and helpful inpact in terms of not only to get traffic to your blog but also the easiest method to rank your desired keywords.


Social Signal Trick: Here Is How I Got Over 2,000 Facebook Shares And 10,000 Pinterest Shares On My Other Blog Post

7) Get External Link : Getting external links simply mean building backlinks to your blog post using the keywords you choosed as your anchor text. Talking about building backlinks, in other to supercharged your Seo and rank easily ahead of your competitors then build quality backlinks the right ways to your blog so furthermore, I suggest you to click the below link to learn how to build quality backlinks to blog the right way and how to rank your blog with good backlinks.


Rank With Backlink For Seo: Doing It Right It’s The Best Way

Final Verdict : Remember like I said earlier on this post that doing things that works is one of the most happiest thing to cheer your joy with than knowing not what went wrong when the solution is always ready here on Earnslab.com. However, the above mentioned ways are what works for me and all your competitors too, have already done my own part by sharing it with you so it’s left for you to share this post using the share button, follow the above steps or not but remember that to understand more about keywords ranking idea by ranking the easy to rank keywords with high search Volume than your competitors, you still need to click all the associated links shared on this post called ” Prefix ” and you are good to make things done the right ways.

Found this content helpful? Kindly share this post to appreciate my effort in writing this long lengthed content to you.

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    • Yes Ronda Polanco, you are right if you say seo takes time before the result start coming but trust me, it could be interesting if you know what you are doing…..

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