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How To Start A Slippers Manufacturing Business – Small Business Ideas [ratemypost]

This days I have been discussing more of business ideas from home, business ideas at home or even presently Now, am talking about small Business ideas and frankly speaking, alot of people has been buying all my published ebooks mostly those in Nigeria, Ghana, Africa as a whole because I could hardly identify what country do bought my ebooks mostly.

Today, here is another business plans that you can startup with N50,000 and above based on the machinery needed to do this type of business in Nigeria, Ghana, south Africa and so on. Every secrete about how to do this particular business will be revealed as I always do on all my content which you are allowed to check here.

How To Start A Slipper Manufacturing Business in Nigeria or particularly in Africa is one of the biggest fast growing business that one can startup with little capital for investment and knowing fully well that slippers is an everyday important items for man and nature of human beings and moreover, it has many usefulness and benefits while a lot of competitors are getting much this days due to the high demands of slippers in man’s life.

Samples Of A Fancy Slippers

Talking about samples or examples, the beauty of today’s slippers is base on the thinking of the manufacturers and moreover, below are the few list of fancy slippers made by some manufacturers in China.

As you can see the above images, there are beautiful right? Now let me Show you how to start producing high quality and demand slippers with the sum of N2,500 only and you paying for this amount, they are over 1000+ words per characters on a 5+ pages that consist of a high proofreading tutorial about the manufacturing of slippers and how to do yours, meanwhile, below is what the eBook contains for N2,500 only which are:

  • Tools Necessary To Produce Or Manufacture A Slippers
  • Registration & License For Slipper Making How To Undergo This
  • Step By Step Guide On How To Do A Slipper Making Unit Setup
  • Machinery Purchasing And Its Installation And The Trail Of Production
  • How To Buy And Import Machinery For Slippers Making From China To Nigeria Or Ghana
  • Raw Material Use For Slipper Making And How To Import Them From China To Nigeria
  • The Process Of Manufacturing A Slippers And The Quality Control Of It (DIY) – This process contain a video on how to do yours
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Slipper Making Market Opportunity is one of the best profitable business in Nigeria to startup with a minimal or small capital in terms of investment and with just N2,500, you can learn everything about the manufacturing of slippers which includes a video of it on how to do it yourself [ D I Y ].

Now why wasting your precious time when you got all the beautiful designs on your head, why don’t you start a slipper manufacturing Business today.

To get this EBook, pay the sum of N2,500 into the below account numbers ( We are displaying our bank account details publicly to let you know that we are for real and not fraud you off your money )

Bank Name : Fidelity Bank

Account Name : Nnaemeka Precious

Account Number : 6555906832

Note That after paying to that bank account details above, kindly send the below details either on whatsapp or through sms / message for payment confirmation +2348134263408.

Depositor Name

Amount Paid

Date Of Payment

Paid For – Tell us what you paid for like if its EBook that the payment is for, kindly tell us by stating it this way ( eBook: How To Create A Blog ).

After doing all that, kindly send it to +2348134263408

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