It is obvious that not everyone get this chance of luck in getting AdSense approval faster within sometime range but frankly speaking, are you really following the Google AdSense procedure? Because getting AdSense account approved is just a simple thing to do and though, here is how it took Google AdSense about 2 hours to Approved my domain at first time trial.

How To Make Google AdSense To Approved Your Website Faster And Instantly In 2019 – 2020

Yes, most time, people complain that Google AdSense sometimes takes 2 weeks, a month or so to Approved their application or sometimes they got disapproved after waiting for that long. Well here is my own side of Google AdSense tricks or Google AdSense approving tricks mainly for WordPress users only.

1: My Website Layout: Either as a WordPress users or blogspot user, it is compulsory that you must either have an idea or take notices about your website design layout because it is more than important in terms of Google AdSense and seo for rankings. A mobile friendly website structure get 2x faster Approval than a null scartterd website structure and however, here is a list of Google AdSense friendly WordPress themes that will make Google AdSense approved your application faster within a time range like mine which are:

• CoverNews WordPress Theme

• NewsCard WordPress Theme

• Genesis WordPress Theme

• Frontier WordPress Theme

• MH Magazine News WordPress Theme, etc.

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That are the few list of WordPress themes that makes Google AdSense approved my website application faster. Take note that you may use any other WordPress mobile friendly themes be it either the WordPress free or premium theme but avoid using WordPress Themes that makes your WordPress posts looks smaller and not friendly for mobile users by using the Google mobile friendly checker.

2: Get The Page Working: Make sure that you have the about us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer page setup and working because Google really want to know more about your website and what it contents is all about.

3: Write A Unique Content: Take your time and write a unique user engaging content of about 1000+ words and of about 10+ different new post. Doing this get you a quick Google AdSense approval processes.

4: Low Or Non Traffic Blog Get Quick Google AdSense Approved : It does not matter whether your blog has low or no traffic stats because Google AdSense Approval Process does not determine if one must get traffic to his or her blog before he or she will be approved but before applying, make sure you don’t get fake or bot traffic because that will never get your AdSense account Approved and once your AdSense has been approved, make sure that you have 0% thought of using bot or fake traffic to increase your AdSense earning account and moreover, subscribed to my mailing list and I will show you how to earn $10 per click on your Google AdSense account without self clicks, bot traffic, fake impression booster.

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5: Apply For Google AdSense Account : Did you follow and agree with my above steps? Yes, now go and apply for your Google AdSense account of your website with a newly created legal Gmail account that’s above 18 years and above then wait to see you get an instant AdSense account.

Final Verdict: Doing what’s right leads to the best spot of the game, follow my above steps and tell me thank you today because that alone is one of the easiest ways to get a quick Google AdSense account approval. So from now on, say no to self click AdSense, long waited AdSense approving process and embrassed the right way to success.

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