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Online free keyword research tools as been one of the free blogging tools that has helped me a lot most especially when am out of cash. Talking about semrush, Ahref, Longtail pro, they are all paid and premium online keyword research tools and sometimes, even if am with cash, I don’t go for the premium ones because what I need it’s all or can be found in the free tools depending but as long as I know what am doing in the blogosphere.

I’d never say that the online paid keyword research tools are not of great benefit when use but what am actually pointing out is spending cash online in such kind of amount ( like last time I checked on semrush keyword research tools pricing in 2019/2020 is $99 or so ), instead I will use the money to boost my blog traffic and visibility by buying quality good backlinks that are google safe and running some relevant targeted ads on google adword ( google ads ).

I don’t need to spend money anyhow since I know the logic and what am doing so, if you can hurriedly check out the Keyword Zone, you will be able to find over 100+ easy to rank Keywords that am sharing there for free and there, you will be able to find testimonies about how users ranked on those keywords through the comment of each post. Since am not discussing about the Keyword zone and what it contains, am only trying to point out how successful that i have been using the online free keyword research tools to achieve those goals there.

Best 4 Online Free Keyword Research Tools In Blogging

Remember that some of this tools does not allow you to check keyword research for some country like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, and more other africa country but countries like the United States of America ( USA ), Netherland, Canada, India, Australia and so on are mostly found and allowed so in case your country are not seen there, that does not mean the keywords are not trending in your country but that is for the case of using the free keyword research tools than the paid keyword research tools and that is one of the slight different between the two of them.

Pardon me a bit because on this post, am not going to explain everything about the tools or am not ready to teach you how to do keyword research, how to get short tail keywords from long tail keywords because we are only looking to know the best free online keyword research tools so in other to know more about each of the tools, kindly head over to about us page of all the listed tools here.

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1) Ubersuggest : Ubersuggest is owned and founded by Neil Patel one of the well known digital marketing influencer and an entrepreneur. The tool has helped alot of bloggers because of it free limit in used.

5 Benefit Of Using Ubersuggest Keyword Research Tools In Blogging

Talking about using Ubersuggest tool by Neil Patel for your keyword research, here are the best thing that the online tool offer as of free services which are:

Checking Of Keywords: This tool give you the ability to check keywords for any specific country and it’s mostly used as English which their default language and sometime, not all country are accepted to do keyword research based on country like for instance now, if I want to do a keyword research about ” How To Make Money Online In India “, ” Instagram Marketing Idea: How To Increase Your Instagram Followers For Free In Nigeria ” and so on, I may not get the result for the Nigeria account while I may get the result for the India own so that’s one of the disadvantage of using Ubersuggest keyword research tools but yet, it’s one of the best free tools to use that’s why it’s seen as my number one list of online tools for keyword research.

Get Keyword Related Search: This tool give you the ability to get all the possible keyword related search of your own keyword research if for an example your keyword research is ” Bloggers Seo Tutorial “, at the keyword research homepage of Ubersuggest, the keyword related search can be seen when you scrolled down to the end and there you may see other possible related keywords like ” Blogspot Seo Tutorial “, ” WordPress Seo Tutorial “, ” WordPress Seo Companies ” and so on, that’s for an example.

Ubersuggest Seo Audit: Getting an Seo audit from this tool is one of the best seo audit websites for newbies and pro in other to enhance the result of your blog when you work and put more effort to make sure that all the labeled highlighted errors are fixed. Therefore, apart from ubersuggest seo audit, they are also other seo audit report websites that tells and show you what need to be fixed on your blog but believe me, Ubersuggest seo audit is found at the top 5 best free seo audit report websites for blogs.

See All Result In One Page: This tool that am delighted talking about, it gives the ability for you to see the result of search volumes, keyword difficulty, CPC, related keywords, list of blog ranking on google first page, backlink stats, social signal known as social share stats and so on ( This is one of the online free keyword research tool that am always using together with others listed below ).

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Website Backlink Stats: Like what I normally state on Keyword Zone about the backlink stats and it keyword notes on how to rank easy keywords on blogging, I do show you the total backlink a blog post that’s ranking on google first page has so, Ubersuggest has been the tool that has been helping me alot for those terms.

Domain Authority: Ubersuggest is one of the well know best free domain authority checker tools where by it allows you to know the number of domain authority and page authority that a blog and it blog post has. Like for example, the blog post link of this post has DA 15 and PA 23 and while my main homepage link has about DA 11 and PA 35 ( this is an example ), so with ubersuggest, you can easily spot out the domain authority of any web link and its one of the common best online free domain authority checker tools.

2) Moz Keyword Research Tool : Moz keyword research is one of most known best online tool to get the exact real search volume of your keyword research. Since everyone are using moz online tools on different things like: domain authority checker, seo audit, keyword research, keyword position checker and so on, it has been a great and best online ools for bloggers but it currently has two (2) main options which are the free moz tools and the premium paid moz tools. For the free moz tool, you will have the limited use of the tools for 30 days per account registered as a member while the paid version of it are like to cost you some tokens but its affordable.

Top 5 Benefit Of Using The Moz Tools In Blogging

Moz tool is not use by one person or few people but its an online tool use by almost all bloggers in the blogosphere because using the moz tools is not a tool people will just say nothing less of it though meanwhile, here are the reason why you must use any of the moz tools which I called it the “Benefit” and if you aren’t using any of it services, you are actually missing a lot of things from the tool.

Using It For Keyword Research: Since every bloggers need an accurate result in terms of doing keyword research, moz keyword research tool gives nothing but the accurate and exact result needed by you with it current stats of the results like the search volume, difficulty, CPC and so on and using this tool by moz, you can as well see the result of the present year of the past month even for this month stats.

Using It To Check Website Statistics: Want to know the statistics of any website, how good Is the doing, how far has it gone and so on?, moz tools has the features and it gives you the ability to check upon any website statistics that are stated below.

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Ability To Know The Website External Links: This moz tool gives you all the abilities to know how many external links ( backlinks ) that are linking back to the website you’re checking ( it can similar be called moz Backlink checker too ), using the tools, you will be able to see the past and present result of backlinks the website got and how good it is.

Knowing How To Stay Safe: If you keep on using the moz tool, you will not only get the above mentioned statistics but also know the spam score does a website link has, the total number of spam score you will get if peradventure that you get a backlink from a website and this spam score of a thing are really killing the seo of a website and not appreciateable if you get it because it also increases your website spam score and reduces the strength of your blog seo which might be so difficult to rank and get organic traffic.

Knowing How To Fixed What Went Wrong: knowing full well about what went wrong like if your blog is not ranking, Google and other search engine are not crawling and indexing your blog post, finding difficult on getting real organic traffic and so on, moz tool also gives the opportunity of giving out their seo audit and getting your own blog seo audit message from the moz, you will be able to found out the cause of your blog and it seo and how to fix it and then, you will eventually get or see what works.

Get Them At A Tip Of Hand: Moz tool services are one of the most recommended blogging tools to use in other to get things done easy. They are more other tools on moz that are not listed here due to time and strength to write out all about moz online tool but I’d like to tell you that since there are two options on moz which is free and paid, kindly check out the lust of moz free online tools and also know about the moz tool pricing for the paid and give them a trial, then if you get convince about the result that they gave, kindly order for moz premium tool then in other to get more best results.

3) Seo Review Tool Here is one of the most commonly use seo tools for blogging and it has been the type of online tool that has been helping me a lot together with the ubersuggest tool. Seoreviewtool is an online tools that has different types of services or features and all are possibly free to use but results are limited.

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  1. To me, I think ubersuggest is the best free seo keyword research tool one has to use

    though the keyword difficulty merit may not be accurate but still yet it works than any other

    maybe because I have not tried the once you listed here

    thanks sir

    • Yes you are correct in terms of the keywords difficult score likewise any other free keyword research tools apart from moz.

      However, thanks for stopping by and do try other tools too.

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