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When we either hear someone saying free airtime earning apps or we found ourselves in a discussion about free airtime reward apps, what actually comes up in our mind is “are they a charity organisation” or why would they be given this kind of offer for free or does it required some eligible status?. However, they are neither a charity organisation or celebrating birthday in terms of doing or be a father of Christmas though, they have big companies that are doing a free offer in terms of serving their members the ability to earn free airtime online in other to benefit more of their services.

This service is not a new trending topic of today because far gone, they are other’s big companies that offers you either the same or different ways like the ” Facebook research app whereby you get paid for installing the UTest app and referring your friends with your invitational link ” so this is not just a new starting idea but moreover this content contains the updated list of the free airtime reward apps that are still paying their users.

Since we are looking more of how to make money with our Android phones, they are many other ways you can easily make money by installing apps with your Android phone which I have already written details about ” Money Making Apps ” and reading about the content, there you will also know that you can get paid to walk, get paid by watching videos online and so on which you should have known that on Earnslab.com you don’t need someone to tell you the latest updates when you are an active members. So in other to get my latest updates, kindly subscribe below and we will never bug you with spam mails.

Top 10+ Best Paying Free Airtime Earning Apps In Nigeria | Free Airtime Reward Apps In Nigeria

In other to join our friends to start earning free airtime in Nigeria and not to waste time reading a long narrated content, talking about apps that pay in Nigeria or apps that pay in naira, they are lot of list of them which are:

1: Top Paying Online Survey Apps

2: Best Paying Secret Shopper Apps

3: Top Paying Income News App

4: Top Paying Online Teaching Apps

5: Top Paying Driving Apps Like Uber, Taxify Bolt

6: Free Airtime Apps

Like I said earlier there are many different money-making of body above Lisa just a few and you have to consider added them on your list of most used Android apps or more rated paying Android apps on your phone therefore below are the list of apps to earn free airtime from in Nigeria which are:

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1: Opera News App Reviews [ Shake And Win Free Airtime ] : With over 23 million installed from users on Google PlayStore, opera news is now the most trending free airtime reward apps in Nigeria that are offering free airtime when you shake your Android phone you will be given N500 or N1,000 free airtime instantly.

How To Earn Free Airtime With Opera News App

Opera News App Review
Image Source: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-tX3Wx8F3HoE/Ws3FZ3KHGgI/AAAAAAAAEy0/SdyloyUqdkgb8gOGLkG3I3VU8qJWcFmWgCEwYBhgL/s1600/opera.png

Mind you, Opera news is only paying minimum of N25 so in other to earn more than that we are to follow the below process and you will start any free airtime always from opera news.

1: Download the Opera news app on your Android phone through Google PlayStore

2: Sign up an account and make sure that you are giving your own invitation code

3: Claim your reward by tapping the claim your reward pop-up button.

4: Shake your phone and earn free airtime from opera news app.

5: Now you will need to referred your friends with your referral or invitation code and each member who use your invitation code to sign up, you will be given a whooping airtime of N25 per referral so the more you refer, the more you win that is if you refer up to 50 people, you will earn N25 x 50 people = N1250 free airtime from opera news.

Vskit free airtime earning app
2: Vskit App Review : With Vskit, you can make money from them and knowing much well that vskit is a social network app and is one of the top paying social Media apps in Nigeria. Countless times, have earned free airtime from vskit app by using my referral code to invite more friends and it gives me more opportunity to earn free airtime in Nigeria.

Users who download vskit app either from their official website or on PlayStore will continually earn more airtime as a registered member of the vskit social media app.

How To Earn Free Airtime With Vskit App

i) Download Vskit App: The only first step to take in other to earn a reward from the vskit social media is to download the vskit latest app on your Android phone or smartphone either from Google PlayStore, app store or from their own official website.

ii) Get An Account: Now that you have the app been downloaded and installed on your phone, the next step to take is to get an account by creating a new account on vskit social app.

While creating an account, you will be asked to put the below necessary things on the box which are:

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First Name : Your first name should be your real name for an example, like James

Last Name : last name is also known as surname so put your real last name for an example, like smith.

Phone Number : Since you are in Nigeria you are to put your Nigeria phone number starting with the +234 as the Nigerian short code service.

Invitation Code : You may leave this blank if only you are not invited by someone.

iii) Click on the Explorer button and claim your first free N25 free airtime

iv) Get Your Code: Don’t forget to get your own invitation code from Vskit app.

v) Share your invitation code and earn more free airtime from Vskit app.

3: Slide App Review : Slide app is one of the unbelievable free airtime app that give you free airtime for reading news online, commenting on news like participating as a member and the most interesting thing about slide app is that you can earn free airtime by unlocking your android phone or smartphone if it get locked down like drawing out the correct security pattern or input the correct password which you used in locking your mobile phone.

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Using slide app daily is not like stressing yourself but you are required to do some small task by reading latest news online, referring friends or instead just locked and unlocked your android phone to earn free airtime instantly from slide app.

How To Earn Unlimited Free Airtime From Slide App

Discussing about slide app review on 042Arena Forum on a private chat with some group of people that has been using it to top up their call credit and mobile data, it comes to my notices that slide app has too many positive reviews than the negative ones which is the disadvantage of it.

i) There is no much saying about this app but what you need to do first is to download slide app latest version from Google PlayStore and install.

ii) Get an account by registering one for yourself.

iii) Copy out your referral or invitation code and don’t forget to share and invites your friends with it.

iv) Click on any latest news, read from the start to the end and check your account balance on slide app profile then locked your android phone and unlocked it then re-check your slide app earning income and see it increased and once it reaches the threshold, convert it to airtime.

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4: Insta Naira App Review : Talking about insta naira app, like I said earlier in case if you could remember that you can make money watching videos online and insta naira app is one of the top paying moneymaking apps for watching videos, reading and commenting on latest news and one of the top paying referral program that pays you for referring your friends with your referral link and many more of it.

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How To Earn Free Airtime From Insta Naira App Easily

i) The best first step to take is to download insta naira app from Google PlayStore and install the app on your updated android phone after downloading.

ii) Make sure that you create an account and after doing that, start watching online videos and keep earning more from it.

5: MyGenie App Review : Knowing much about mygenie app as the well know and best paying free mobile data earning app that will instantly gives you free mobile data by doing some little task online. You know what it takes to be online 24 hours and always, if you are that type who consumed alot of data by spending too much buying and subscribing for a data plan and package, MyGenie App is a good example of apps that will reward you with free mobile data instantly. Want to know more about mygenie app review? Click MyGenie Free Mobile Data Apps and continue reading from there.

6: 042Arena.Com [ Share And Win Airtime ] : With 042arena share and win free airtime, you don’t need to register an account or you don’t need to be a member in other to earn airtime for free but all you have to do is doing a small task by sharing any of the latest approved post, click on the post and share the post by using any of the social media icon share button only. To know more about about 042arena.com free airtime giveaway kindly head over to 042Arena.com Portal now.

Final Verdict : With the list of this free airtime apps, you don’t need to keep buying and recharging your mobile phone with airtime by spending your own money but all you have to do in other to earn free airtime, is to download and install the above free airtime earning apps and note that, talking about online websites that gives free airtime should consider 042arena.com as one of the best paying online free airtime earning website as your first thought to use.

In less word to write down about this free airtime earning apps and online website, the above list are filtered by me, trusted by many people and legit as a company though meanwhile, is there any other apps that pays you will free airtime and have not been added here on the list, kindly list them out as a comment.

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