Buyer keywords is one of the best google adsense alternatives in case you dont know or you were not told. i believed that every bloggers knows that google adsense is one of the biggest and trusted high paying ads network today that pays blogger for every actions they got from their blogs that is why most bloggers are thriving to get google adsense application approved by all means.

Buyer Keywords is one of the most essential ways one can absolutely make money online as a blogger so today, i will tell you the best buyer keywords which you need to talked much on your blog and creative ways to generate or find buyer keywords that will make you earn more incomes and also will elaborate or enlighten you more about this but before that, lets look more deeper about this topic and how does it work for us.

Whats Is A Buyer Keywords And How To Find High Ranking and Converting Keywords To Boost Earnings

Buyer Keywords List
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Buyer keywords to my own definitions are the high populated, ranking or most research keywords that leads to converting leads to money. wait, let me explain my definitions in an understanding ways because many people or bloggers online may have their own definitions and moreover, what i meant is that when a blogger published a content discussing about a specific trending keywords and converting it to money or which turn to be either an ebooks, ecommerce store / website and example is like if am to talked about “Mini Importation Business: How To Import Cheap Goods From China To Nigeria“, now imagine how i sweet talk a bit about what the content will contain as a form of description and convert it to be an ebook. Also, a typical example of my definitions are like an ecommerce website like selling a Ski Products like ski boots, ski clothing, ski jackets, ski gear, ski helmets and all the ski equipment and if paradventure that the keywords on the blogs are now ranking ( checking on the search volume of the ski keywords, you will know that they are over 10,000+ people searching for that products ) and the blogs makes over 5 sales daily, isn’t it an examples of buyer keywords that boost earnings? remember that our clients are our buyers and the keywords are our content.

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Examples Of Best Selling And High Ranking Buyer Keywords

In other to double your online incomes, you dont need to put all your focus either on affiliate marketing, ads network or so like the saying goes “Dont put all your eggs on one basket hoping nothing will go wrong”, be industrious like the real hard working entrepreneur but for at least consider adding buyer keywords content on your list as a blogger because is one of the best money making ideas ever done secretly by those who knows the profit.

There are absolutely 3 different types of buyer keywords categories which are:

1: Product Research Keywords: These are set of people who are searching in-depth about that specific products they want even after buying it, they makes more research about that products so as to know everything concerning that products that they are about to buy or already bought.

Example Of Best Selling And High Ranking Product Research Keywords

Top 10 Best [Product Name] Product (under $$$): Example like, best use cars under $10,000, best android phones under $100 etc…

[Product Name] Product Review: example like, Tecno Camon 12 Reviews, Namecheap hosting review etc…

Product vs. Product – Comparison: Examples are clear and are like, Samsung A10 Pro Vs iPhone 11 Pro, Jumia Vs Konga Online Shopping Websites etc…

[Product Name] Product Alternatives: Example like, Whogohost alternatives, Colgate alternatives, facebook ads alternatives etc…

Cheap [Product Name] Product: Examples like, cheap web hosting companies, cheapest online shopping website, cheapest android phones for 2019 – 2020

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2: Buy Now Keywords: These people are set of people who knows all about the product and are willing to buy that products and once they bounce in on your website, they make the purchase instantly because they know more about the products.

Example Of A Buy Now Keywords

Coupon Codes: Namecheap $1/month Hosting Coupon Codes
Discount: Jumia Black Friday Discount Price
Promo: Jumia Christmas Promo Deals and Offer
Cheap Web Hosting Plan
Cheapest Data Subscription Codes For MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE (out of keyword buying ideas)
Pricing: Namecheap web hosting pricing, alexa plan pricing
Black Friday Deals: Konga Black Friday Deals etc….

3: Informational Keywords: These are people who makes a research containing the How To in knowing more about getting the solution on a specific products problem and they are likely to buy the keyword if the content are helpful.

Example Of An Informational Keywords

How to cure: How to cure diabetes easily within 3 days for free

How to treat: How to treat an HIV person within 1 week for free

How to build: How to build a website and make money online etc….

Now that you have gotten some ideas about this, before the end of this content, i will share you some list of the best keywords to write on and which will eventually boost your earnings.

How To Write A Good Tricky Buyer Keywords Content

As a content writer you need to be creative and always make your content the king. Here is a typical example why i so much love Kennedy Prosper ( a very passionate blogger and one of the best content writer which i know that’s living around the globe with me ), if you are the type of blogger who read and learn something new and meaningful online from other peoples blog, you will notice how trickish that their content are just like ” How to withdraw paypal money to Nigeria bank account 2019 ” written by Kennedy Prosper. thats one of the bigest reason why been a good and creative content writers does to make money using the buyer keywords idea.

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How To Rank And Optimize A Buyer Keywords Content And Boost Earnings

On my previous post, i have discussed about Keywords Ranking Idea: Top 7 Simple Ways To Rank Easy To Rank Keywords With High Search Volume which you should read all about ranking a keywords easily.

Top 50+ High Ranking and Converting Buyer Keywords To Boost Earnings

Like i said earlier that i’d share you the best list, below are the list of buyer keywords to boost earnings and increase sales if eventually you rank on it.

buy paypal in nigeria
sell payoneer funds in nigeria
sell paypal in nigeria
sell paypal funds in nigeria
skrill exchanger in nigeria
buy neteller in nigeria
buy skrill in nigeria
buy perfect money in nigeria
buy bitcoin in nigeria
buy bitcoin nigeria
pay gotv
business ideas for students in nigeria
online business ideas in nigeria
most lucrative businesses in nigeria (2019)
online business in nigeria
goat farming in nigeria pdf
business name registration
tissue paper making business
snail farming business plan
water melon farming in nigeria
watermelon farming in nigeria
top selling products in nigeria
how to register a business name in nigeria
visa free countries for nigerians
cloudup sign up code 2018
nnu wordpress theme
cloudup signup code 2019
wordpress themes and plugins

Final Verdicts: I believed with this little secrete of buyer keywords idea, as a blogger or an entrepreneur, you can now see another make money online ideas or money making ideas. So practice everything written here and try ranking all your keywords and see the result of boosting your earnings keep increasing everyday.

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