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What could be the problem or causes that makes bloggers to migrate from blogger to WordPress cms or is there any reason or specific enjoyment that blogger in WordPress gain than the blogspot blogger.

I neither has the answer to such question but to my contribution about the above question is to tell you about few different things between blogspot.com vs WordPress.com that are likely to make blogger in WordPress different from blogger in blogspot which makes them to move their blogs from blogger to WordPress.

Blogger.Com Vs WordPress.Com All You Need To Know

• Blogger is a lifetime free website creator / maker ( CMS )

• WordPress has a free and paid version in creating a website.

• Blogger is an already made CMS with just a click, everything good has installed, crafted already but just a little edit to match your taste.

• WordPress, with the help of expert in programming field, it’s 70% easy for newbies, beginners through the use of ready made plugins.

• Blogger uses cloudflare or it alternative but mostly cloudflare for SSL in other to secure their website

• WordPress can be used with cloudflare, comodo or any good and reliable strong SSL certificate to secure their website with the https markup benefit.

• WordPress is more advanced than blogger.com in terms of seo and other related features of creating a website.

So now, the above difference may be the reason why most bloggers on blogspot move from blogger to WordPress but they is nothing strange about it since Google owns blogger.com and since it’s free website maker.

How To Migrate From Blogger To WordPress For Free Within 30 Minutes

It is very much possible that newbies, beginners can as well know how to move from blogger to WordPress without having any technical knowledge of coding, programming and hence they have either the free or paid hosting plan.

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Since every plan is to know how to transfer from blogger to WordPress and join those blogger in WordPress to enjoy all the very good essential benefit of wordpress while blogging, they are things which you are allowed to migrate from blogger while they are things which are to be done through the step by steps guide in moving from blogger to wordpress which is blogger theme extensions which are:

• The widget of your blogger theme

• The style, font and colours of your blogger theme

• The layout of your blogger theme

• The coding or programming language are different from wordpress own

The above list are things which can either be move step by step or disregard unless you are using any of the best blogger wordpress themes while things which can be transfer easily without delay are:

• The blogspot posts, pages and categories can be move to wordpress

• The blogspot comments, feed, rss and authors name can be move to wordpress

• The blogspot media, permalinks and your traffic statistic can be move to wordpress

Moving this is very much pretty easy both for the newbie and everyone so lets get started as we are ready to get started.

1. Web Hosting Company : In order to get the best services, it is very much okay to choose the best web hosting company for wordpress most especially, when you google about wordpress hosting company, the top 5 wordpress web hosting company that will pop out on the search result will be:

a. Bluehost

b. A2Hosting

c. HostGator

d. SiteGround

e. DreamHost

But in order to get the least amount is by google searching about best cheap wordpress web hosting company, then the top 5 result will pop out like:

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a. Namecheap

b. Godaddy

c. InMotion Hosting

d. Hostinger

e. iPage

But for my recommendation about which web hosting company to use as a beginner, I’d suggest that namecheap.com web hosting is cheap in price and best in quality.

2. Install WordPress Script : WordPress can be installed easily with just one click tap under the time range of 5 minutes and your wordpress website will start running as you browse thoroughly on it.

How To Install WordPress Script In Softaculous Software Through Cpanel / Direst Admin

How To Install WordPress Script In Softaculous Software Through Cpanel / Direst Admin
Image Source: Hostadvice.com

Like I said that it pretty much easy for newbie to understand the instruction of wordpress procress and here is the 7 simple ways to install wordpress easily or how to create a blog / website on wordpress.

1. Change Your Domain Nameserver: Before you can migrate from blogger to wordpress, you must make sure that your domain nameserver has been change in exactly of the web hosting company you want to use in hosting all your blog contents and the below question will guide you to get a quick answers when you google about it.

a. How to change my domain nameserver (DNS) on domainking.ng
b. How to change my domain nameserver on namecheap.com
c. How to change my domain nameserver on godady.com
d. How to change my domain nameserver on namesilo.com
e. How to change my domain nameserver on Qserver.net
f. How to change my domain nameserver on bluehost.com
g. How to change my domain nameserver on hostinger.com or hostingraja.in

2. Installation Of WordPress From Cpanel [ How To ] : In order to avoid mistake installation wordpress for the first time, kindly follow the below necessary process so as to get it done faster and quickly within the time range of 5 minutes.

a. Addon Domain : Adding a domain on your cpanel is the first step to getstarted so, you will need to add your blogger domain on the addon domain section of your cpanel by login in your web hosting cpanel account and search for the “ Addon Domain “ then click on it and add your domain.

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b. Install WordPress Using Softaculous : after doing the above process, you need to go back home or click the cpanel logo to return back homepage of the cpanel then search for “ Softaculous “ by pressing Ctrl + F or doing it manually and click on softaculous then look for wordpress which will be on the number one list of the first page.

c. Choose WordPress : At that particular page , select “ Install “ wordpress and tap the install button of the wordpress logo.

d. Choose Your Domain : Choose the domain name that you want wordpress to be installed into.

e. Leave the subfolder if only you don’t want a directory and want the homepage to be the body.

f. Use Your Correct Details : For every other field that requires your details in accessing your wordpress admin dashboard especially the admin username and admin password, make sure that when adding it, they are correct and never easy to get by someone one but easy not to forget by you.

g. Accept WordPress Terms : In order to proceed in using wordpress you must agree to their terms and conditions by checking the boxes

h. Tap Click And Install : They is nothing left again since the above steps was followed according so, click the “ Install Now “ button and start using wordpress on the go.
The above tutorial is the easiest answer to those who are asking about how to create a wordpress blog and I believed that from this tutorial, you can now create a website for free without paying or buying online course such as ebook.

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