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How To Start A Slippers Manufacturing Business – Small Business Ideas

How To Start A Slippers Manufacturing Business – Small Business Ideas [ratemypost]

This days I have been discussing more of business ideas from home, business ideas at home or even presently Now, am talking about small Business ideas and frankly speaking, alot of people has been buying all my published ebooks mostly those in Nigeria, Ghana, Africa as a whole because I could hardly identify what country do bought my ebooks mostly.

Today, here is another business plans that you can startup with N50,000 and above based on the machinery needed to do this type of business in Nigeria, Ghana, south Africa and so on. Every secrete about how to do this particular business will be revealed as I always do on all my content which you are allowed to check here.

How To Start A Slipper Manufacturing Business in Nigeria or particularly in Africa is one of the biggest fast growing business that one can startup with little capital for investment and knowing fully well that slippers is an everyday important items for man and nature of human beings and moreover, it has many usefulness and benefits while a lot of competitors are getting much this days due to the high demands of slippers in man’s life.

Samples Of A Fancy Slippers

Talking about samples or examples, the beauty of today’s slippers is base on the thinking of the manufacturers and moreover, below are the few list of fancy slippers made by some manufacturers in China.

As you can see the above images, there are beautiful right? Now let me Show you how to start producing high quality and demand slippers with the sum of N2,500 only and you paying for this amount, they are over 1000+ words per characters on a 5+ pages that consist of a high proofreading tutorial about the manufacturing of slippers and how to do yours, meanwhile, below is what the eBook contains for N2,500 only which are:

  • Tools Necessary To Produce Or Manufacture A Slippers
  • Registration & License For Slipper Making How To Undergo This
  • Step By Step Guide On How To Do A Slipper Making Unit Setup
  • Machinery Purchasing And Its Installation And The Trail Of Production
  • How To Buy And Import Machinery For Slippers Making From China To Nigeria Or Ghana
  • Raw Material Use For Slipper Making And How To Import Them From China To Nigeria
  • The Process Of Manufacturing A Slippers And The Quality Control Of It (DIY) – This process contain a video on how to do yours

Slipper Making Market Opportunity is one of the best profitable business in Nigeria to startup with a minimal or small capital in terms of investment and with just N2,500, you can learn everything about the manufacturing of slippers which includes a video of it on how to do it yourself [ D I Y ].

Now why wasting your precious time when you got all the beautiful designs on your head, why don’t you start a slipper manufacturing Business today.

To get this EBook, pay the sum of N2,500 into the below account numbers ( We are displaying our bank account details publicly to let you know that we are for real and not fraud you off your money )

Bank Name : Fidelity Bank

Account Name : Nnaemeka Precious

Account Number : 6555906832

Note That after paying to that bank account details above, kindly send the below details either on whatsapp or through sms / message for payment confirmation +2348134263408.

Depositor Name

Amount Paid

Date Of Payment

Paid For – Tell us what you paid for like if its EBook that the payment is for, kindly tell us by stating it this way ( eBook: How To Create A Blog ).

After doing all that, kindly send it to +2348134263408

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Racksterly Reviews: Racksterly Scam or Legit? How I Made $435 Instantly

Racksterly Review

Racksterly is another best money making website that pays you for sharing link adverts, it is another most common make money online programs in Nigeria that has come to pay every of it members cash and bonus.

Now there are lot of questions going round the corner which am about to clear you on all of it and such questions are:

  • Racksterly Founder and Owner
  • Is Racksterly Real Or Scam, Legit?
  • What Is Racksterly And How Does Racksterly Works
  • Is Referral Compulsory On Racksterly
  • Racksterly Review
  • Racksterly Payment Proof
  • How To Make Money On Racksterly
  • How To Register An Account On Racksterly
  • How To Increase Earning On Racksterly
  • Racksterly Account
  • Racksterly Dashboard
  • Site Like Racksterly Income Program
  • Racksterly Nairaland
  • Racksterly Vs CipherCash Review
  • Racksterly Contact Address And Office
  • How To Withdraw Your Money From Racksterly

It is really a good thing to asked a question before joining any income program websites online in order to avoid either wasting your time, effort and money and been scammed off since you paid before you joined the program but right now, am really glad to tell you that the above questions will be covered up by sharing you all you need to know about racksterly and it founder but before that, let’s take all questions answers step by step for a proper understanding.

Racksterly Founder, Owner And Team

Who is racksterly founder or owner is what everyone needs to know because in business, a good profile is a good portfolio for a business ideas. So, knowing the founder of racksterly is a good idea and who is the owner of this most trusted income program website called racksterly?, well here is ” Medaecon Limited [RC 756703] around May 2019 “, is the rightful owner of this legit business website that pays you for all the activities how took on the website as a verified member.

Racksterly Review: Real Or Scam – Read Before You Join

Use My Referral Link And Get N1,000 From Me Use Now

Without saying much words, everybody need the best because nobody is ready to tell a sad story on how things goes so before you join racksterly, firstly, it is good to know if this income program is legit or scam because since it deals with registration fee, we all need to tell if it is good to join. Well, am a verified member of racksterly and there are over 5,000+ members now who have verified their account so imagine the huge users they got and no scam record found about them so to me, let me not make you feel somehow but let me tell you the truth, racksterly is real, better than NNU income program, and it has come to stay and moreover, referral is not compulsory so read what to do next after registering an account on racksterly.

How Does Racksterly Works

Since we now know that this same racksterly is under the category of top paying online income program website, the way it works is very much different from others and easy to understand, trust me, it is the simplest type with less terms and conditions not like others.

As a verified racksterly user, you will only increase your earnings when you share your ads giving to you which the earning has been fixed already by their programs and below illustration has explained it all on how it really works so therefore, kindly read them which are:

Racksterly Plan And Pricing

There are 4 special plans on racksterly with different fixed prices and it state how much your pay will be, how much you’ll earn daily, and how much your earning will be monthly so like I said earlier, your earnings has been fixed.

Racksterly Dew Plan And Pricing : This is the smallest subscription plan on racksterly but it doesn’t mean that you won’t make money from it so, here is the calculation of the plan and how it works.

Subscription Fee ( also known as registration fee) is $18 ( which in equivalent is N6,897 naira in Nigeria currency )

Earning Per Share : The amount that you’ll earn from the above subscription plan per every shares you made each day is $1.2 per day

Subscription Period : No matter what, your earnings has already be calculated if only you shared links stated above so your monthly earning for this particular plan in 30 days will be $1.2 × 360 = N432 × 30 days, So therefore, you will definitely earn N12, 960 naira monthly.

Racksterly Drizle Plan And Pricing: Here is your second choice of racksterly plan and pricing, the daily and monthly income is higher than the Dew plan but it subscription is also higher than the said Dew plan

Subscription Fee ( also known as registration fee) is $25 ( which in equivalent is N9,296 naira in Nigeria currency )

Earning Per Share : The amount that you’ll earn from the above subscription plan per every shares you made each day is $1.8 per day

Subscription Period : No matter what, your earnings has already be calculated if only you shared links stated above so your monthly earning for this particular plan in 30 days will be $1.8 × 360 = N648 × 30 days, So therefore, you will definitely earn N19,440 naira monthly.

Racksterly Storm Plan And Pricing : This plan could be the crazy plan because of how much you will make on it but wait, let’s know what this storm plan got for us and how would it be the crazy type I thought of.

Subscription Fee ( also known as registration fee) is $45 ( which in equivalent is N16,732 naira in Nigeria currency )

Earning Per Share : The amount that you’ll earn from the above subscription plan per every shares you made each day is $3.5 per day

Subscription Period : No matter what, your earnings has already be calculated if only you shared links stated above so your monthly earning for this particular plan in 30 days will be $3.5 × 360 = N1260 × 30 days, So therefore, you will definitely earn N37,800 naira monthly.

Racksterly Typhoon Plan And Pricing : Finally, here is the craziest plan of it all, it’s double earning of the above list which makes it the craziest plan on my list but you know what? Let’s get to read what this plan has for us before someone else does to get them all.

Subscription Fee ( also known as registration fee) is $75 ( which in equivalent is N27,000 naira in Nigeria currency )

Earning Per Share : The amount that you’ll earn from the above subscription plan per every shares you made each day is $5.6 per day

Subscription Period : No matter what, your earnings has already be calculated if only you shared links stated above so your monthly earning for this particular plan in 30 days will be $5.6 × 360 = N2,016 × 30 days, So therefore, you will definitely earn N61,000 naira monthly.

I believe you now know much about the plan right, so let me tell you more about it registration process.

Note that the subscription fee is done monthly that’s after subscribing for this month, once you catch out your money of this month, to continue, you will need to subscribed again that’s like renewing your subscription fees.

Note that you can only share ads giving to you once per day to all Social medias, that is to say your payment is fixed except you earn by referral

Note that to increase your earning much, you’re to refer people to join racksterly with your referral link and doing so, you will be giving a whooping $45 bonus if minimum number of 10 people joined using your referral link.
Now, Use my referral link to register and get N1000 naira from me instantly raxxly. co/x/E46F.

Note that referral or referring someone to join is not compulsory, not a target and is not a must do but if you need the bonus which is stated above the you’ll be the one to make the choice if to make referral compulsory for yourself alone.

Requirement Needed For Racksterly Income Program And How To Register

Talking about registration, there are requirements needed in other to access the website dashboard has a user but the requirements are very simple which are:

Doing the registration, you’ll be ask to put in;

  • A Mobile Phone And Internet Connection
  • Your Name
  • When providing your name during registration, do make sure that the name goes same as your bank account name because of payment statement and other reasons.

  • Your Email Address
  • Provide a valid email address that is accepted by them which are, only for now

  • Your Phone Number
  • For verification of registration, for verification of payment and any other issues, your phone number is highly needed

  • Your Bank Account
  • Since we are talking about make money online, of course yes, you will absolutely need to submit a valid bank account details so as to be eligible to receive payment and your earnings.

  • Your Password
  • A strong but easy to remember password should be use when registering an account so all the above list are the requirements needed only.

Racksterly Payment Proof

The below attachment is the payment proof of different users and me myself so there is more to talk about once you register an account and that we are to talk about is “How do we start a business plan with this money”.

Racksterly Payment Proof

Racksterly Payment Proof

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Online Jobs – Top 25+ Highest Paying Freelancing Jobs In 2020

Freelance Jobs From Home | Freelance Jobs At Home
Image Source:

Freelancing Jobs is like a work from home and make money online from home by doing the best services that you can offer just like your skills in getting paid. If you have been following up all my latest money making ideas, you will definitely know that I took my time to get the best tips and ideas in putting up a well written contents for you to read and earn money online because have been hearing and seeing alot of questions concerning online jobs that pays which the questions are listed below like:

Online Paying Jobs Website

How To Get Freelance Jobs | Freelance Jobs Idea

There are many but few are top best freelance jobs for any freelance jobs type that you can choose to start showing of all your service that you can render but one of the advice that I can really give any freelancer as a freelance jobs idea is that communication is the best business tactics to earn you money online because without good manner of communication, you can never get a business deal from a clients so in order to gain lot of positive testimonies about your services that you do render, you must give out your best manner of communication as a user friendly business partnership because your clients is your money and you wouldn’t love to see them go without doing business with them.

Now talking about how to get freelance jobs, you should have already know what freelance jobs means because that is the first thing I discussed on the first line of this content so what next is to decide to know the best freelance jobs site of your profession that’s available, that can get you more client etc. Meanwhile before I proceed more in enlighten you all the ideas that am using to get more returning clients or customer, let me throw out some ideas on how do I get more of freelance jobs daily like tips of hand.

  • Know Your Skills: Not every freelancer really knows their skill or area of specialization because what they want is to get the client and give out the job to someone to do or scam the client which is illegally and not proper ( example of such people can be seen whereby they offer a services of programming and will still see them on either freelance jobs for education or freelance jobs for mechanical engineering all because they need the money at all means
  • Get Your Playbook And Requirements Ready: Imagine someone offering website designing or website development and does not have a laptop but thinking of coding a client website with his or her Android phone or any mobile phone
  • Get A Portfolio: Setup a portfolio blog that talks about you, your team and your services then build up the portfolio blog to make it a little bit notice with some traffic that will stand to tell your client that you’ve been good on your services and they are to trust you because your services meant a lot to them
  • Time Is A Virtue: Being patient and keep putting more effort to your services is a very good thing to consider, don’t rush to success rather take every steps in a gradual process until you make it at the top
  • Submit For A Review: You’ve got all it takes to get started right?, now the best first step to take is to submit your proposal for the client review and take a breathe while it still under process, this is where we then talk about the best freelance jobs sites

The above tips is one of the best ideas that any expert will ever tell you to participate most especially the portfolio part so meanwhile, the next thing to discussed is;

Top 20+ Best Freelance Jobs Websites To Get Freelance Job Fast

Here are the most popular website to get freelance Jobs fast where lot of clients or customers are looking for your services, profession To Help them.

  • – Online Writing Jobs
  • – Freelance Photographer Jobs
  • – Rent A Coder
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Top 5 Places To Sell Photos Online – 5 Websites That Pay $100 Per Image Or More

Make Money Online By Selling Your Photos
Image Source:

Here is another business ideas that can make you money as either a photographer or a photogenic type. I have been using this process, logic to make money online and i have made over $200+ in 2 weeks of submiting my photos to top paying website to sell your photos online, so since i got, i need to unveiled this secret because i want every fans reading all my updates to be able to make money online just as easy as possible legally.
Selling your photos online by uploading and submitting your cute looking photos can be one of the best online source of incomes which you can earn money online without paying a dime. It is purely truth that many of us dont know about this even some of us that has an idea about it sometimes find it difficult to get the ones that pay, legit and real than those that looks like scam or so on.

Requirement To Make Money Online By Selling Your Photos

I love giving a full details on what ever things am writing about and i make sure i cover up all what you needed to know before diving into my tutorial but moreover, this is “Do It Yourself” DIY make money online tips and tutorial.
One thing that made love this content or tutorial is that, this money making ideas is like the types of becoming a Vlogger where by you can make money online uploading videos on youtube, vimeo and other video sharing website but meanwhile i think this content can also be titled Top 5 Best Photo Sharing Website To Make Money Online but therefore, below are the requirement needed in other to get started which are:

 A Good Browsing Devices : It could be an android phone, iOS phone, window phone, iPhone or a computer but as long as it has a strongh lasting battery stability, good in operating and so on is very much recommended to be used in other to get the best result easily.

 Strong Internet Connection : Yes a very good, strong and fast speeding internet connection is really a must to have because it makes you load the listed website faster and make job done quicker.

 Patient : This sometimes need more of your time and your patient in other to make it big.

There are no much requirement since the top 3 necessary things are with you then no other things left aside of you to read more about this

Make Money Online

Top 10 Most Paying Money Making Apps For Mobile Phones

making money on apps | making money by apps
Image Credit:

When talking about money making apps, they are lot of apps that pay you rewards either with cash, coupons or Gift Card and this apps are mostly own by companies with websites.

In 2019, I talked about top best Free airtime earning apps that will reward you for just participating in a simple task and also on other of my previous post, I as well discussed about best paying mobile data earning apps and from the look of how my rating were increasing on my dashboard, I discovered that people loves using apps that pay them cash directly to their bank account or PayPal account that’s why I decided to go a bit crazy in unveiling the best paying money making apps that you must use on your Android phones, iOS devices, Window Phones, SmartPhone and include the iPhone devices.

They are over 100+ rated apps that will pay you a rewards either cash or as a Gift Card just for been a participant of their program but sometimes we fall for some of them that does not pay, some that are not legit, real or tend to scam in terms of accessing our privacy through the use of downloading and installing their apps but today, I want to tell and show you the big difference between EarnsLab and any other website that talks about latest make money online from home or online business idea because ” i ” as a writer, I also make research and carry out a test on my research before sharing it out to people which doesn’t make me a content writer only but an entrepreneur with proof.

What Are The Requirements To Make Money Online With Mobile Apps?

In order to get started, they must be a question that everyone must ask since it all deals with gain and profit online and such question will definitely help not just the person who asked the question alone but alot of people who needs an answer to such question either in a related way or so. Apart from this particular question which everyone must need an answer to, they are also other questions which we need to talk about which are:

• Making money on apps

• Making money by apps

• Money making apps

• Best money making apps 2018

• Money making apps android

• Money making apps games

• Money making apps paypal

• Money making apps for iphone

• Money making apps on iphone

• Money making apps on android

Checking out the above questions, you are not the only one asking to know more about them but I will thoroughly give you a plain answer to those questions but before then, let’s get to know the basic steps which is the requirements.

Mobile Phone : The first most required item needed for you to make money online with apps that pay for real is to make sure that you have a very good mobile phone which could either be Android phone, iOS phone, Window phone or it could either be any good and best SmartPhone or an iPhone.

Good Data Connection : Forget been online if don’t have fast and good data connection to surf online because nothing will be updated that’s why you must make sure that your area is covered with fast internet connection only.

PayPal Account : It is very much important that one must have any available PayPal account that can send and receive fund online, verified PayPal as well in other to get paid online with PayPal fund.

Don’t know how to create a verified PayPal account that can send and receive fund and withdraw fund directly to your bank account? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with my e-books on different ways to create a PayPal account in any country though the price ain’t that cost and it’s affordable kindly click the below link to get yours now.

Download How To Create A Verified PayPal Account Of Any Country That Can Send And Receive Fund – eBook / Course

Your Time : Doing this requires more of your time and you need to be patience and continue using the app until you cash out your funds from the apps.

Note that before proceeding on knowing the making money apps that pays, you must know that they are some apps that requires the invitation code or link process before you can owned an account with them and moreover, let’s get to know more about apps that make you money online and offline.

Top High Paying Money Making Apps | Making Money Apps To Download And Installed On Your Phone : With the use of appkarma, you will be paid for playing with apps sometimes, appkarma is well referred as money making apps game because it allows you to play with games on the app and you get paid for it. Talking about AppKarma Reviews from top big websites, it has been online since 2017 or beyond and with every views from users, appkarma has 0% scam score and they are legit because they pay their users for playing with apps on appkarma.

PayBud : I don’t think if there is any PayBud alternative because this apps alone pays you $10+ bonus for registering an account on their website while on the referral program, you also get paid for referring your friends to join but moreover, the registration fee is totally free. From every aspect of my research, PayBud reviews has the best rate from users stating that they are legit, they Pay their users and there is no scam records found against them.

InstaNaira : Here is one of the best paying money making apps in Nigeria that pays you for watching movies, streaming videos online, reading news and so on and with this app, you won’t be bored while doing the above list which keep making you money online. InstaNaira app was also seen on our discussion about free airtime earning apps and with that, InstaNaira is really a legit app that pay you for watching movies online and so on.

Scoopers News : This app is formerly well known as eaglee news app. Here is an highly rated news apps that pay you money which is popular seen under the category of best money making apps in Nigeria because it pays you for reading news, commenting on a news and the most fancy love about this apps is that the registration fee is totally free and it can be downloaded from Google play store with just 5MB because it’s a lightweight Android phone app.

FOAP app : Talking about been a photogenic type can as well make you money because with foap app download and installed on your Android phone, you will paid to sell pictures online which make foap app as one of the best apps that make you money for selling photos online and you can get your pictures seen on bigger websites like Getty images etc. If you don’t have this apps on your mobile phone and you love snapping pictures always, you’d be missing alot of chances to make money online with those pictures stored on your phone gallery so what else are you waiting for? Hurry now and get the foap app installed on your phone.

Make Money Online

Top 5 Best Procurement And Shipping Company From China To Nigeria

Procurement And Shipping Company
Image Source:

Procurement and shipping company from china to nigeria is one of the business plan In which we have to look deep into in order to avoid this internet fraud, internet scam due to their shipping rates and prices. In Nigeria, mini importation business is one of the most leading business ideas ever since 2019 and the increase of people diving into doing this business in 2020 are more than 40% people in Nigeria. Mini importation and dropshipping business alone is a very fast way to make money online in owing a small business ideas from home that’s at a starting point, you can work from home and earn income from home while you work online as a dropshipper or mini importers.

I don’t want to go deeper in telling you more about the good benefit in doing this business but owning your own or starting your own procurement and shipping company from china to nigeria is a fast approaching profitable business development because you make money and help people get their goods from China.

There are procurement and shipping companies in Nigeria that their incomes monthly are very much pretty good and their services are as well cheap and rated good customer service because of how they responds to customers rather you are ready to use their services or not but they are absolutely ready to guide you in order to get the very best quality products that you need.

What Does procurement and shipping company from china to nigeria Do ?

procurement and shipping company from china to nigeria services is to help you source your goods from China in any of the China mini stores like,, as your agent then buy the product for you and immediately ship down the goods from China to Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa etc.

These companies handling this type of business are registered companies under the government because it deals with importation of goods that are required to be checked by any of the government officials like customs, NafDac etc for the safety of the people or citizens of the country.

Benefit Of Using A Procurement And Shipping Company From China To Nigeria

They are absolutely lot of benefit in using any of the good and best procurement and shipping company in Nigeria because:

• They help you source for your goods

• They help you check for cheap and quality goods

• They help you checked the quality of your goods

• They have warehouse in China in order to store your goods and prepare to shipped it for you

• They have their own shipping cargo that can carry and ship your goods to your desired location

• They helped you ship your goods from China to Nigeria, from Japan to nigeria

• They Pay for Any upfront clearance like taxes, custom clearance etc.

Like I said earlier, there are lot of benefit to gain from any of this procurement and shipping company in Nigeria which you will see on their About Us.

Top 5 Best Procurement And Shipping Company In Nigerian

1: is owned and founded by Samuel Abraham, a young vibrant citizen of Nigeria and a graduate. Tugrow1688 is one of the best on my list today because of the reputable service they offer, fully customers friendly and support but the disadvantage of this company is that:

1: They only support bank payment transfer

2: They don’t have other means of shipment aside of one shipment way.

3: Their website are loading slowly

But in analysis, has the cheapest services prices and rate and they are very good in doing business.

2: Chrisvicmall : Chrisvicmall has been for years and they have the highest customer rating which simply mean that they have make names in this business having many returning customers than any of their business competitors. Chrisvicmall also has advantage and Disadvantage but for their disadvantage, it is not much than expected because they normally updates their website always in terms of making it customer friendly but their customer help services is very slow like they may take 10 minutes to reply you and in overall, the solution may be given within 30 minutes and above.

3: Loading…..

Share this to read full content now…..

Blogging Tutorial

Blogger In WordPress: How To Switch From Blogger To WordPress Without Losing Google Rankings

What could be the problem or causes that makes bloggers to migrate from blogger to WordPress cms or is there any reason or specific enjoyment that blogger in WordPress gain than the blogspot blogger.

I neither has the answer to such question but to my contribution about the above question is to tell you about few different things between vs that are likely to make blogger in WordPress different from blogger in blogspot which makes them to move their blogs from blogger to WordPress.

Blogger.Com Vs WordPress.Com All You Need To Know

• Blogger is a lifetime free website creator / maker ( CMS )

• WordPress has a free and paid version in creating a website.

• Blogger is an already made CMS with just a click, everything good has installed, crafted already but just a little edit to match your taste.

• WordPress, with the help of expert in programming field, it’s 70% easy for newbies, beginners through the use of ready made plugins.

• Blogger uses cloudflare or it alternative but mostly cloudflare for SSL in other to secure their website

• WordPress can be used with cloudflare, comodo or any good and reliable strong SSL certificate to secure their website with the https markup benefit.

• WordPress is more advanced than in terms of seo and other related features of creating a website.

So now, the above difference may be the reason why most bloggers on blogspot move from blogger to WordPress but they is nothing strange about it since Google owns and since it’s free website maker.

How To Migrate From Blogger To WordPress For Free Within 30 Minutes

It is very much possible that newbies, beginners can as well know how to move from blogger to WordPress without having any technical knowledge of coding, programming and hence they have either the free or paid hosting plan.

Since every plan is to know how to transfer from blogger to WordPress and join those blogger in WordPress to enjoy all the very good essential benefit of wordpress while blogging, they are things which you are allowed to migrate from blogger while they are things which are to be done through the step by steps guide in moving from blogger to wordpress which is blogger theme extensions which are:

• The widget of your blogger theme

• The style, font and colours of your blogger theme

• The layout of your blogger theme

• The coding or programming language are different from wordpress own

The above list are things which can either be move step by step or disregard unless you are using any of the best blogger wordpress themes while things which can be transfer easily without delay are:

• The blogspot posts, pages and categories can be move to wordpress

• The blogspot comments, feed, rss and authors name can be move to wordpress

• The blogspot media, permalinks and your traffic statistic can be move to wordpress

Moving this is very much pretty easy both for the newbie and everyone so lets get started as we are ready to get started.

1. Web Hosting Company : In order to get the best services, it is very much okay to choose the best web hosting company for wordpress most especially, when you google about wordpress hosting company, the top 5 wordpress web hosting company that will pop out on the search result will be:

a. Bluehost

b. A2Hosting

c. HostGator

d. SiteGround

e. DreamHost

But in order to get the least amount is by google searching about best cheap wordpress web hosting company, then the top 5 result will pop out like:

a. Namecheap

b. Godaddy

c. InMotion Hosting

d. Hostinger

e. iPage

But for my recommendation about which web hosting company to use as a beginner, I’d suggest that web hosting is cheap in price and best in quality.

2. Install WordPress Script : WordPress can be installed easily with just one click tap under the time range of 5 minutes and your wordpress website will start running as you browse thoroughly on it.

How To Install WordPress Script In Softaculous Software Through Cpanel / Direst Admin

How To Install WordPress Script In Softaculous Software Through Cpanel / Direst Admin
Image Source:

Like I said that it pretty much easy for newbie to understand the instruction of wordpress procress and here is the 7 simple ways to install wordpress easily or how to create a blog / website on wordpress.

1. Change Your Domain Nameserver: Before you can migrate from blogger to wordpress, you must make sure that your domain nameserver has been change in exactly of the web hosting company you want to use in hosting all your blog contents and the below question will guide you to get a quick answers when you google about it.

a. How to change my domain nameserver (DNS) on
b. How to change my domain nameserver on
c. How to change my domain nameserver on
d. How to change my domain nameserver on
e. How to change my domain nameserver on
f. How to change my domain nameserver on
g. How to change my domain nameserver on or

2. Installation Of WordPress From Cpanel [ How To ] : In order to avoid mistake installation wordpress for the first time, kindly follow the below necessary process so as to get it done faster and quickly within the time range of 5 minutes.

a. Addon Domain : Adding a domain on your cpanel is the first step to getstarted so, you will need to add your blogger domain on the addon domain section of your cpanel by login in your web hosting cpanel account and search for the “ Addon Domain “ then click on it and add your domain.

b. Install WordPress Using Softaculous : after doing the above process, you need to go back home or click the cpanel logo to return back homepage of the cpanel then search for “ Softaculous “ by pressing Ctrl + F or doing it manually and click on softaculous then look for wordpress which will be on the number one list of the first page.

c. Choose WordPress : At that particular page , select “ Install “ wordpress and tap the install button of the wordpress logo.

d. Choose Your Domain : Choose the domain name that you want wordpress to be installed into.

e. Leave the subfolder if only you don’t want a directory and want the homepage to be the body.

f. Use Your Correct Details : For every other field that requires your details in accessing your wordpress admin dashboard especially the admin username and admin password, make sure that when adding it, they are correct and never easy to get by someone one but easy not to forget by you.

g. Accept WordPress Terms : In order to proceed in using wordpress you must agree to their terms and conditions by checking the boxes

h. Tap Click And Install : They is nothing left again since the above steps was followed according so, click the “ Install Now “ button and start using wordpress on the go.
The above tutorial is the easiest answer to those who are asking about how to create a wordpress blog and I believed that from this tutorial, you can now create a website for free without paying or buying online course such as ebook.

Make Money Online

Business Ideas From Home: Top 20 Lucrative And Profitable Business To Start With ₦20,000

Business Ideas, For Business Ideas, Business Ideas Small, Online Business Ideas, Business Ideas From Home, Business Ideas Names, Business Ideas At Home
Image Source:

You got ₦20,000? Thinking of what kind or type of lucrative and profitable business to start with ₦20,000? I know your thought and have already found the answers to your questions.
They are many business ideas for business startup but not all are profitable business ideas from home and however, if you don’t mind in knowing full well about the kind of business that you are about to dive into, you may end up losing all you got but here on, I want to make sure that you don’t become a looser in business but instead to make you understand more about your business career as i showing you the best profitable business to startup with for just ₦20,000.
Talking about starting up a business with ₦20,000 instead to be at the range of ₦100,000 and above because the budget is too small. Fine, but I will surprised everyone reading this content because it is very much possible ( in fact, permit me to say essential ) to startup a business ideas small from the range of ₦20,000.

Top 20 Profitable Business Ideas From Home To Startup With ₦20,000 And Less Than ₦100,000

Business Ideas, For Business Ideas, Business Ideas Small, Online Business Ideas, Business Ideas From Home, Business Ideas Names, Business Ideas At Home
Image Source:

Here we go now…
1: Bead Making : This is one of the profitable business for ladies to start up with but due to online tutorials, seminars, training webinar about bead making or how to start bead making business, even the guys are now finding it to be a lucrative business to do which is now one of the easiest business ideas at home for both male and females, men and women. Moreover, you can get our bead making online video course and learn the basic and advance ( professional ) steps on how to startup a bead making business as from ₦10,000 by clicking Get The Bead Making Business Course And Ebook now for ₦5,000 only.
2: Dropshipping Business: Ever since I posted a content about “ How to start a dropshipping business ”, “ How to create a dropshipping business websites “, many interested people has been diving into it and soon, dropshipping business will over take other lucrative business online. Starting a dropshipping business is one of the fastest and easiest business to startup as a newbie and you can use ₦20,000 to boost the sales and earn more profit so if you are interested in knowing much about this, Get The Dropshipping Online Video Course And Ebook now for just ₦4,500 only.
3: Importation Business: Mini importation business is one of the profitable business opportunity you can start with the amount of ₦5,000, ₦10,000 and above depending on what kind or type of goods that you want to buy, import and sell.

Are you that type of person who goes to the market and found out too many imported goods from china, japan, hundary, America in the Nigeria market today?. That is importation business and those people who are into mini importation business in nigeria bought those goods in a cheap price or amount and once it arrived in nigeria market, the sales price goes up and they earn more than 15% of all their expenses made in buying those goods, importing and transportations of the goods from china to Nigeria.
They are many examples of online importation companies that are offering mini importation services on their ecommerce websites like jumia, konga, yudala and so on and it is a very much profitable business career as this companies are earning big and large everyday. Now, below image is the shoes and goods I bought for personal use and to sell.

The above image credit goes to

And you can read the full details of how I imported those goods from china to Nigeria Click Here To Read. Therefore, I found it an interesting business fit for you and you can get the mini importation business tutorial / course for just ₦3,000 only here from me Buy Now and below is what you will learn which are:

• How to start mini importation business in nigeria
• importation business guide in pdf
• mini importation business in Nigeria
• what is mini importation business
• 1688 buying agent in Nigeria
• how to ship goods from china to Nigeria
• How Much Do I Need To Start The Importation Business In Nigeria
• What Are The Requirements To Starting An Importation Business In Nigeria
• How To Ship Your Goods From China To Nigeria And Have Them Delivered To Your Area Of Residence With No Delay Or Stories.
• Where Can I Buy A Cheap Selling Product
• How do I sell my product on jumia, konga
and many more….

4: Fashion Designing

Business Ideas, For Business Ideas, Business Ideas Small, Online Business Ideas, Business Ideas From Home, Business Ideas Names, Business Ideas At Home

Make Money Online

Buyer Keywords And Creative Ways To Find High Ranking and Converting Keywords To Boost Earnings

Buyer keywords is one of the best google adsense alternatives in case you dont know or you were not told. i believed that every bloggers knows that google adsense is one of the biggest and trusted high paying ads network today that pays blogger for every actions they got from their blogs that is why most bloggers are thriving to get google adsense application approved by all means.

Buyer Keywords is one of the most essential ways one can absolutely make money online as a blogger so today, i will tell you the best buyer keywords which you need to talked much on your blog and creative ways to generate or find buyer keywords that will make you earn more incomes and also will elaborate or enlighten you more about this but before that, lets look more deeper about this topic and how does it work for us.

Whats Is A Buyer Keywords And How To Find High Ranking and Converting Keywords To Boost Earnings

Buyer Keywords List
Image Source:

Buyer keywords to my own definitions are the high populated, ranking or most research keywords that leads to converting leads to money. wait, let me explain my definitions in an understanding ways because many people or bloggers online may have their own definitions and moreover, what i meant is that when a blogger published a content discussing about a specific trending keywords and converting it to money or which turn to be either an ebooks, ecommerce store / website and example is like if am to talked about “Mini Importation Business: How To Import Cheap Goods From China To Nigeria“, now imagine how i sweet talk a bit about what the content will contain as a form of description and convert it to be an ebook. Also, a typical example of my definitions are like an ecommerce website like selling a Ski Products like ski boots, ski clothing, ski jackets, ski gear, ski helmets and all the ski equipment and if paradventure that the keywords on the blogs are now ranking ( checking on the search volume of the ski keywords, you will know that they are over 10,000+ people searching for that products ) and the blogs makes over 5 sales daily, isn’t it an examples of buyer keywords that boost earnings? remember that our clients are our buyers and the keywords are our content.

Examples Of Best Selling And High Ranking Buyer Keywords

In other to double your online incomes, you dont need to put all your focus either on affiliate marketing, ads network or so like the saying goes “Dont put all your eggs on one basket hoping nothing will go wrong”, be industrious like the real hard working entrepreneur but for at least consider adding buyer keywords content on your list as a blogger because is one of the best money making ideas ever done secretly by those who knows the profit.

There are absolutely 3 different types of buyer keywords categories which are:

1: Product Research Keywords: These are set of people who are searching in-depth about that specific products they want even after buying it, they makes more research about that products so as to know everything concerning that products that they are about to buy or already bought.

Example Of Best Selling And High Ranking Product Research Keywords

Top 10 Best [Product Name] Product (under $$$): Example like, best use cars under $10,000, best android phones under $100 etc…

[Product Name] Product Review: example like, Tecno Camon 12 Reviews, Namecheap hosting review etc…

Product vs. Product – Comparison: Examples are clear and are like, Samsung A10 Pro Vs iPhone 11 Pro, Jumia Vs Konga Online Shopping Websites etc…

[Product Name] Product Alternatives: Example like, Whogohost alternatives, Colgate alternatives, facebook ads alternatives etc…

Cheap [Product Name] Product: Examples like, cheap web hosting companies, cheapest online shopping website, cheapest android phones for 2019 – 2020

2: Buy Now Keywords: These people are set of people who knows all about the product and are willing to buy that products and once they bounce in on your website, they make the purchase instantly because they know more about the products.

Example Of A Buy Now Keywords

Coupon Codes: Namecheap $1/month Hosting Coupon Codes
Discount: Jumia Black Friday Discount Price
Promo: Jumia Christmas Promo Deals and Offer
Cheap Web Hosting Plan
Cheapest Data Subscription Codes For MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE (out of keyword buying ideas)
Pricing: Namecheap web hosting pricing, alexa plan pricing
Black Friday Deals: Konga Black Friday Deals etc….

3: Informational Keywords: These are people who makes a research containing the How To in knowing more about getting the solution on a specific products problem and they are likely to buy the keyword if the content are helpful.

Example Of An Informational Keywords

How to cure: How to cure diabetes easily within 3 days for free

How to treat: How to treat an HIV person within 1 week for free

How to build: How to build a website and make money online etc….

Now that you have gotten some ideas about this, before the end of this content, i will share you some list of the best keywords to write on and which will eventually boost your earnings.

How To Write A Good Tricky Buyer Keywords Content

As a content writer you need to be creative and always make your content the king. Here is a typical example why i so much love Kennedy Prosper ( a very passionate blogger and one of the best content writer which i know that’s living around the globe with me ), if you are the type of blogger who read and learn something new and meaningful online from other peoples blog, you will notice how trickish that their content are just like ” How to withdraw paypal money to Nigeria bank account 2019 ” written by Kennedy Prosper. thats one of the bigest reason why been a good and creative content writers does to make money using the buyer keywords idea.

How To Rank And Optimize A Buyer Keywords Content And Boost Earnings

On my previous post, i have discussed about Keywords Ranking Idea: Top 7 Simple Ways To Rank Easy To Rank Keywords With High Search Volume which you should read all about ranking a keywords easily.

Top 50+ High Ranking and Converting Buyer Keywords To Boost Earnings

Like i said earlier that i’d share you the best list, below are the list of buyer keywords to boost earnings and increase sales if eventually you rank on it.

buy paypal in nigeria
sell payoneer funds in nigeria
sell paypal in nigeria
sell paypal funds in nigeria
skrill exchanger in nigeria
buy neteller in nigeria
buy skrill in nigeria
buy perfect money in nigeria
buy bitcoin in nigeria
buy bitcoin nigeria
pay gotv
business ideas for students in nigeria
online business ideas in nigeria
most lucrative businesses in nigeria (2019)
online business in nigeria
goat farming in nigeria pdf
business name registration
tissue paper making business
snail farming business plan
water melon farming in nigeria
watermelon farming in nigeria
top selling products in nigeria
how to register a business name in nigeria
visa free countries for nigerians
cloudup sign up code 2018
nnu wordpress theme
cloudup signup code 2019
wordpress themes and plugins

Final Verdicts: I believed with this little secrete of buyer keywords idea, as a blogger or an entrepreneur, you can now see another make money online ideas or money making ideas. So practice everything written here and try ranking all your keywords and see the result of boosting your earnings keep increasing everyday.